"I tried the lavender coconut milk soak last night in my bath, and it it was so lovely. Scent was divine and it and left me feeling soft. I love those small pieces of lavender floating around. Feels like I’m at my own personal spa."

Nichola Americanos, Elation by Design, Owner

“The Chamomile Coconut Milk Scrub and the Lavender Coconut Milk Scrubs are my favorites. What a delicious treat for my skin - leaving it soft and smooth without the use of any harsh chemicals.

The Lavender Salve makes for relaxed muscles and a great night's sleep!“

Kinietha Carter, Writer

“I love the Lavender Salve! It works wonders on my sore muscles after workouts. The lavender scent is the perfect remedy to a long workday. A couple of dabs on my temples helps me to unwind and relax.”

Alex Trono, Assistant Director

“Kehinde is an inspired champion of self care! Every time I see her, her mere presence reminds me to slow down, enjoy my moments, and care for myself. Her kalm korner products are a welcome antidote to the grinding pace of daily life, offering sweet-smelling, calming ways to love on my body. Thank you Kehinde!”

Anna Shniederman, Executive Director

"I take my Kalm Korner every where I go. It’s my calm throughout the day. I am a nail technician and keep a bottle of  the Lavender-Mint mist at my station. I love the loose teas and the body scrubs. They never fail to bring the calm. "

Taiwo Koyejo, Culture Nail Bar, Owner

"Kalm Korner is the ultimate must have . I use the lavender scrub on my entire body... does wonders for my face!" 

Idowu Koyejo, T.E.M.E Salon, Owner

"I've been using the Lavender Body Love (lotion) almost everyday - I would use it everyday, but I don't want to go through it too fast!  It's so light and fragrant, and slides on with such a smooth, luscious texture...I can literally feel the calm radiate through my body. The perfect balm for right after my morning shower. The lavender mood mist is a true savior.  The other day I had a difficult meeting to attend, and right before I left the house I was spritz spritz spritzing and it calmed me right down! So I got some for my mom too!"

Lindsay Krumbein, Executive Artistic Director

"The lavender coconut milk soak is perfect for a long soak in the tub. The scent is relaxing and floral without being too overpowering and the soak is very clean feeling - does not leave any residue at all. The whole plant oil adds extra relaxation and the whole lavender flowers in the tub afterwards was lovely..."

Lauren Polstein, Immigration Lawyer

"I'm in Mexico and took the lavendar scrub with me. It's a divine addition to my self care.  This is a great product!"

Traci Bartlow, Artist/B-Loves Guesthouse, Owner

"The lavender tea is my favorite Kalm Korner product so far! I love that it only takes a little bit to transform an every day cup of tea into a special and soothing lavender tea. "

Kerstin Phillips, Administrative Assistant

"Nothing beats Kalm Korner by Kehinde.  I’ve tried all of the products and they are all must haves. I’ve had my own personal struggles and kalm korner is what definitely helps me get through! From the salve to the tea, the santo stick to the scrubs. My entire body feels healthier and the products are organic and natural. Perfection!"

Jasmine Thibeaux, City of Oakland Administrator

"I use the Rose-Mint Mood Mist because it calms me down and relaxes me when I'm having a stressful day. I also recommend the Lavender Salve.  It works when I'm having muscle spasm in my legs and it does wonders when I'm getting a massage. It relaxes  my entire body.  Kalm Korner by Kehinde has saved my life in so many ways."

Shemone Howard, Educational Coach